We explore the Quantum World using conductors whose size is so small that electrons behave as matter wave. The wave property of electrons gives rise to quantum interference which manifest as oscillations of the conductance versus a phase difference. Their dual particle property is observable in current fluctuations called quantum shot noise. Combined with clean ideal conductors our experiments adressed the most advanced problems in ELECTRON QUANTUM OPTICS On-demand injection of electrons analogous to single photon sources let us envisage to perform simple quantum information tasks, to realize electron Flying Qubits or perform Hong Ou Mandel interference to probe fermionic, bosonic and anyonic statistics with e/3 or e/5 FQHE anyons.
We use the best and cleanest quantum conductors known to date:
- 2D electrons confined in high mobility epitaxial GaAs/GaAlAs semi-conductor heterojunctions
- Graphene : an atom thick honeycomb lattice of Carbon atoms which shows amazing properties and where electrons behave as massless quasi-particle obeying the Dirac equation in 2 dimension.

The Nanoelectronics Group
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